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  • Color Coded
  • Printed Front and Back
  • Will work on three ring or hardbound books 

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   How to install tabs

If you state code is based on the 2015 "I" code these tabs will work with the only exception being is your state added any chapters.  (i.e. Floirda Building bode added a high wind chapter)

​​2015 IBC  (or state edition)  Includes ANSI ICC A117 Accessibility $20.00

Chapter 7 Fire Rating, 10 Egress and 16 Structural are different colors 

2015 IRC (or state edition)        $20.00

Color coded by subject  Building, Energy, Mechanical, Gas, Plumbing, & Electrical 

2015 Mechanical (or state edition)  Includes   $20.00

  • Mechanical Code 
  • Plumbing code 
  • Gas Code 
  • ICC ANSI A117 Accessibility Code


"A Better Indexing System"

Tabs May Be Purchased Only At Classes Or Conferences - No Online Ordering Available At This Time