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SC LLR is covering the cost of the class for all Code enforcement Officers in South Carolina as long as they are employed by a jurisdiction and registered with the Building Codes Council as a building inspector.  

  • All participants must be approved by LLR before registering for a class
  • Click on red "Class Approval Form" box
  • LLR will only pay for a certification class if that person does not already hold that certificate. Circle "YES" in the "Class For Certification" box and "NO" in the "Class For Continuing Ed." box on the approval form. You will still receive continuing education credit with the state and ICC!
  • You must at least  have a provisional for the field of inspections you are requestion attending a class for and it must be included in your job description with the jurisdiction. (Ex. If you are registered as a Building Inspector with the state but want to expand your certifications to include Commercial Plumbing, you must have a provisional Commercial Plumbing license with the state in order for them to pay for the class)
  • LLR will pay for classes used solely for continuing education as long as the participant has not reached the 24 hours needed for the LLR cycle. Circle "YES" in the "Class For Continuing Ed." box and "NO" in the "Class For Certification" box on the approval form.
  • Once a registrant reaches 24 hours during the cycle, his/her jurisdiction will be required to cover the cost of classes used solely for continuing education
  • If you have obtained your CBO certificate, the state will not pay for you to take any classes to obtain additional certificates. They will pay for continuing education until you reach your 24 hours for the cycle
  • LLR will Email approval/disapproval to both you and I. I will go into the system and register you at that time
  • You will receive a confirmation at the email address you included on the form once you have been registered by England Training
  • Check your SPAM/JUNK folder!
  • Please note: The Building Codes Council  does not license Permit Techs, Fire Code Officials, Zoning Officials or Floodplain Managers. Therefore, they will not pay for you to attend our classes related to those genres.

South Carolina Code Enforcement Officers