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Please Read before purchasing an exam 

After purchasing you will automatically get 2 emails. A confirmation and a  receipt.

The receipt contains two attachments that are your links to the practice quizzes - Check your SPAM folder!

​Links Are Good For 60 Days

NOTE: There are no refunds for purchased quizzes 

Question: Is there a difference between the residential and commercial quizzes? 

Answer: Yes the residential (IRC Building, IRC Plumbing, IRC Mechanical and IRC Electrical) and focused on the IRC not the commercial books. 

Question: Do you offer Plan Review Quizzes? 

Answer: Use the commercial quizzes to prepare for the Plan review Exams --the questions are the same --your experience reading plans will help on those questions. 

Answer: IRC Plan Review - at this time we do not have a IRC Plan Review Exam, as you would have to take the IRC building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical practice exams.   

  • The program randomly draws down a predetermined number of questions from the code.
  • Each time you take the quiz you will not only have different questions, but the answer sequence will be randomized also. 
  • The quizzes are set up with the same number of questions, and the same time limit that you will experience on the actual ICC exams.   NOTE: Quick Quizzes are 1/2 the questions and time.
  • Take as many quizzes as you like 24/7 on any internet connected device for 60 days. After 60 days you have to order new links. There is no renewal process available.