City force -- Good building department software for small to midsize jurisdicitons 


Flood Information --  links to the Flood Maps

SBCA - Truss Handbook -- Truss Handling and installation --free download.

ATC Council  (Wind Speed)  --   works on addresses.  

ATC Council (Snow Load) 

Engineering Express -- Great engineering worksheets to get design pressures.

USGS (seimic) Design Maps  works on addresses

HVAC/ Plumbing/ Electric

Heat pump water heaters are great for houses that do not have gas and need to conserve energy on water heating.  The bi-product is cool air.  Below are three links to see how they work

GE Heat Pump Water Heater 

Rheem Heat Pump Water Heater 

AO Smith Heat Pump Water Heater 

ICE Bank Storage -- make and store ice at night and use it for AC during the day.

Photo Luminescent Exit Signs -- have no electrical hookup (glow in the dark)


Townhouse, Condo, or Apartment

Rated Barriers and Partitions Comparison

FEMA P1019 Emergency Power Supply Checklist


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