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Icc education

ICC Chapter Benefits

England Enterprises Training is a ICC Preferred Education Provider. 50% of CEUs are required to come from a preferred provider.

Now eligible chapters can choose to use Preferred Provider training as a chapter benefit with a significant voucher reimbursement (up to $1200) from ICC.

England Training will help chapters take advantage of this benefit either at an annual conference or local meeting.

Listed below are some of our topics

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  • Common code violations — in building ,  plumbing ,   electrical ,  accessibility
  • Understand Egress (IBC Chapter 10)
  • How the NEC is not keeping up with technology
  • Differences between NFPA 101 and the IBC
  • NFPA 13D —  how to size and inspect residential sprinklers
  • Code changes for the SBCCI 1997 to the 2018 “I" codes
  • 2017 NEC Code Changes
  • Differences between fire walls, fire barriers & fire partitions
  • Fire Rated Glazing and how to read the labels
  • Plan review
  • Building Official Law — “How to Handle Depositions"

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