England Training Provides:

  • Website – registration and information to classes  (25 students min)
  • Instructor approved by BCAIB and CILB
  • Projector, speakers, etc
  • Workbooks –Printed and as PDF download on website
  • Reposting to BCAIB and CILB
  • Request to ICC for chapter benefit day

Chapter Provides:

  • Advertising to member and contractors
  • Meeting Room
  • Coffee, snacks and lunch for class (monies will come from registration fees)
  • Screen for Instructor 
  • Registration and clean up help

NOTE:•Once all monies have been received the chapter will get their split
• + $20 per student per day for food
•ICC chapter ($1200.00) reimbursement will come directly from ICC 

For over 20 years England Training has been helping Building Code Professionals understand the building codes. As in any industry we need to train new employees to take our places.  England Training is pleased to announce an apprenticeship program which will help fill the need for new inspectors. 

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England Training

Chapter Days:   We have 14+  hours of class approvals (for CEUs)  by BCAIB, CILB and ICC. These will help Inspectors keep their State Licenses and ICC Certifications.    There are also some chapter benefit grants  to help offset the cost of the classes.  

50% of all training for ICC renewals must be ICC approved classes from an ICC Preferred Provider  

How does it work?       Click for application and more information