e-WISE is not a Webinar or self paced computer class.

  • A two way video and audio class between you, the instructor and the rest of the students in class.
  • The instructor can see you and ask you questions.
  • You can ask the instructor or other classmates questions.
  • Not just go to class, but be part of the class—just like you are sitting there.

Equipment Checklist

Period if taking the class at your jurisdiction, you will have to get your IT department to help you set up your system.

Laptop or desktop computer

Each student must have their own individual computer. No group settings. No open cubicle settings. 


You must use Google Chrome

Headset Required

Must have a headset equipped with a mic (Ear buds will not be allowed)

No speakers

No earbuds or using the computer speakers

Webcam allowed

You will need a webcam (Webcam on laptop allowed)

No interruptions​

A quiet room to take the class without interruptions​. No open cubicle settings. 

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