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Plan Exam Prep Classes  

​Residential Plan Exam Prep (ICC R3 Exam)    December 3-5, 2018            Columbia, SC          Live and e-WISE​  (Registration Opens August 1st)

Building Plan Exam Prep (ICC B3 Exam)  December 10-12, 2018

Columbia, SC         Live and e-WISE  (Registration Opens August 1st)

Actual Plan Reading & Review Classes

Building Plan Reading/ Review Class     July 9-11,2018     Orlando, FL              (In-person  only)  (not for the exam)   

Plumbing Plan Reading/ Review Class     July 16-18, 2018     Orlando, FL       (In-person  only)  (not for the exam)   

Mechanical Plan Reading/ Review Class     July 18-20, 2018   Orlando, FL     (In-person  only)  (not for the exam)   

Electrical Plan Reading/ Review Class     July 12-14, 2018    Orlando, FL         (In-person  only)  (not for the exam)   

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  50% if the student cancels 7 days prior to the class.

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